Incentive Awards / Excellent Presentation Award / Poster Awards

About the Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research Incentive Award

The Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research (JSCR) recognizes and awards researchers under 40 years of age who have produced outstanding research results in the field of gylcoscience. Previous winners are listed here.

Announcement of the 2020 (23rd) Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research Incentive Award Recipients

      Jun Hirabayashi and Koichi Kato

The JSCR Incentive Award Selection Committee

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 23rd JSCR Incentive Award.

We sincerely thank all the members who recommended excellent candidates. After rigorous review by the selection committee, the three recipients listed below were selected by the Board of Directors. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the recipients and look forward to their continued success in the future.

The award ceremony and award lectures will be held at the 40th JSCR annual meeting next year in Kagoshima as a joint event together with the 24th awardees.

Incentive Award:

Manabe, Yoshiyuki (Graduate School of Science, Osaka University)

Chemical biology study on the emergent function of glycans:  elucidation and regulation of immune responses

Ninagawa, Satoshi (Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University)

Elucidation of molecular mechanisms and functions of N-glycan mannose trimming required for glycoprotein ER-associated degradation pathway  

Sakamoto, Kazuma (Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine)

Regulation of axonal regeneration and its inhibition by glycan ligands

(Professional titles omitted, in alphabetical order)


Application for the FY2021 (3rd) JSCR Excellent Presentation Award

JSCR Award Selection Committee                                           Koichi Kato

                                                                                                  Tadashi Suzuki

Applications are now open for the 3rd JSCR Excellent Presentation Award (EPA).

Eligibility: Candidate must be either (1) a student member of JSCR or (2) a regular JSCR member of age 32 years or younger.  Candidates will give a talk at the JSCR annual meeting, and they will be judged based on their presentation, research content, performance at the Q&A session and in view of future prospects to contribute to the advancement of glycoscience.  Any periods of leave, such as maternity leave or nursing care leave will be taken into consideration if the candidate is over the age limit. This award will be given to the presenter, not to the research group, and in the case of collaborative research, awards are considered only when it is evident that the presenter has made a significant contribution to the research.

Award Selection Process for the JSCR EPA: the review will be a two-stage process as follows;

  1. Application and document screening

Applicants must submit the following documents;

  1. Application form (download from here)
  2. Title, authors and abstract for their talk (title, name of all authors, affiliation and abstract should be included; the abstract format for the annual meeting should be used).

Application documents should be either mailed to the address below (indicating “Application for Excellent Presentation Award” on the front of the envelope) or alternatively as PDF files sent to by the due date indicated. If the documents are sent by e-mail, an acknowledgement of receipt of the documents will be sent from the JSCR office. In principle, one application per laboratory will be accepted, and the presentation will be considered as an oral (B)-type at the JCSR annual meeting. Students must consult with their thesis advisor before applying for this award.

Due date: July 26th, 2021 (applications received after this date will NOT be eligible for this award)

Address:             JSCR Office

                            Yusho-kaikan Bldg B, 3F

                            1-38-12, Nihonbashi Kakigara-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 101-0051

                            Attn. to Ms. Kimie Fukuda


                            Tel: 03-5642-3700

Upon document screening, EPA selection committee members, who are elected by the JSCR board of directors, will select up to six finalists. Applications not selected will be automatically considered as an application for an oral (B)-type presentation.

  1. Oral presentation and award selection

Candidates selected by document screening will present a 20 min. talk including Q&A (the length of the talk is equivalent to an oral (B)-type presentation, but more time may be allocated for Q&A). The final selection will be carried out by the EPA selection committee members. Winners selected will be approved by the JSCR board of directors, notified via the JSCR newsletter, and the award ceremony will be held at the general meeting of the FY2022 41thJSCR annual meeting in Osaka.  All finalists will also receive an official EPA finalist certificate.

For more details, please refer to the JCSR homepage (  If you have questions, please write to the JCSR office (

About the Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research Poster Awards

The Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research (JSCR) recognizes and awards individual young researchers who are JSCR members for being lead authors of outstanding research posters that contribute to the advancement of glycoscience at the JSCR annual meeting. Previous winners are listed here.

<Criteria for the JSCR Poster Awards>

 JSCR Poster Awards are given to individual young researchers who are JSCR members for being lead authors of presented posters describing outstanding research contributing to the advancement of glycoscience.

 (1) Recipients must be under 35 years of age and a JSCR member as of 1 July during the calendar year of application. 

 (2) Members must nominate themselves to be considered for the award at the time of registering the poster title.

 (3) A total of four Poster Awards are given: two for biology-related topics and two for chemistry-related topics. In addition, prize money, which is a donation from the Sialic Acids Society, will be presented along with the Award.

 (4) Previous Poster Award recipients may not enter again.

 (5) The Poster Award Selection Committee will review the posters for the award, and recipients will be decided by the Board of Directors.

 (6) Poster Award recipients will be announced in the JSCR newsletter magazine and honored at the general meeting.

 (7) Poster Award recruitment provisions will be determined separately.

 (8) The Poster Award Selection Committee will be determined separately.

1. JSCR Poster Award recruitment provisions

 (1) Poster Award recruitment provisions will be published in the JSCR newsletter and posted on the JSCR website.

 (2) Members who express their intention to apply for the Poster Award in the corresponding column when submitting their application for the annual meeting will be considered as Poster Award candidates.

 (3) Those who wish to apply should enter their birth date on the Poster Award application form.

2. Poster Award Selection Committee

 (1) The selection committee chair and the vice chair, who are directors of the JSCR General Affairs Department, will choose the selection committee members.

 (2) The selection committee chair and the vice chair will appoint members to the Poster Award Selection Committee from among the JSCR Board of Trustees or JSCR members with equivalent knowledge and expertise. 

 (3) The committee reviews the assigned topics, and reports the results of the reviews to the chair of the Poster Award Selection Committee.

 (4) The chair of the selection committee will compile all the scores and select the recipients.

 (5) The chair of the selection committee will inform the Board of Directors the progress and results of the selection.

3.Other Matters of Note

 When an applicant is considered to have a potential conflict of interest, the review of the poster by the applicant will be declined.

<The 21st JSCR Poster Awards>

      Osamu Kanie, Chairman of the JSCR Incentive Award Selection Committee 

                            Koichi Kato, Vice-chairman

This award is given to excellent young poster presenters in a JSCR annual meeting (under 35 years old and about 4 winners per year). The sialic acids society (president: Tamio Yamakawa, secretary general: Haruo Ogura) also offers additional prizes to the awardees. The selection committee evaluated 87 candidates among 162 presentations in the 37th JSCR annual meetings, which was applied for this award in advance, by abstracts, quality of posters, presentation, and discussion. We have decided that the award is given to 6 presenters as follows this year. We will have a ceremony in an upcoming general meeting, which will be held during the 38th annual meeting in 2019. It was a severe competition and there were many great presentations in addition to the winners. We will welcome your applying for the award next year and would like to acknowledge the selection committee for their cooperation.

[Chemistry]Sachi Asano (Gifu University)Yuya Asahina (Institute for Protein  Research, Osaka University)Hiroki Fujikawa (Bioorganic Research Institute, Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences)


Hirotaka Kano (Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University)

Rena Honda (SOKENDAI)

Airi Mori (Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University)