Gender Equality

From Gender Equality Committee in JSCR

The ratio of female professionals in Science including humanities, social science and natural science is only 15.3% in 2016, which is far behind other developed countries. In order to overcome these gender gaps, JSCR joined “The Japan Inter-Society Liaison Association Committee for Promoting Equal Participation of Men and Women in Science and Engineering (EPMEWSE)” in 2005 and is working for gender equality in Japan.

・The ratio of female members in JSCR (2011 current)

  Regular member (18.2%; female 150/ total 821)

  Student member (27.2%; female 50/ total 184)

  Total of both members (19.9%; female 200/ total 1005)

  Trustees (13.6%; female 18/ total 132)

  Directors (16.7%; female 2/ total 12)

・The nursery room at an annual meeting: JSCR provided a nursing room at the annual meetings in 2006, 2010, and 2014-2016.

・Research grants and job return program sites 

  1. Diversity and Inclusion in Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST):


  2. Research fellowship for young scientists:

  3. Research grants for female scientists:

  4. Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant:


・If you have any questions and opinions, please contact us.  

Gender Equality Committee in JSCR